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ngayon ko lang ulit nagalaw tong account na toh hehe

Belated Happy New Year!!!

Even if it seems so late (which it is ^^,) I'd still like to greet you all a pleasant and exciting new year. Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu minna-san~ .:Louie:.

3rd GA important details...

konnichiwa! this is not so much of the entire minutes po, just the very important things all of us anime freaks (joke lang!) need to know...

for those who are interested to visit the world trade center regarding the hero convention, magpupunta po ang anime club tomorrow, so if you wanna make sabay or sama (yuck coño....jowkenes!!), rendezvous is at 9 a.m., mcdo katipunan. please do text ate jane if u plan to come along but will be late. [since i do not think it would be appropriate to 'display' dear taicho's number in public, email nyo na lang po muna xa, or uhm...hehe, text me nalang at 09064362438...[ayan, at least di maxado burden if ever kasi..hehe...at least sarili ko lang mapapahamak if ever,watever..)

next...CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! yey!! hehe...yes, it's the xmas party guys! isasabay po ito sa next GA natin....(btw, bakit wala po ung iba sa GA kanina? enjoy pa naman, lalo na yung dubbed naruto clip!!! we want more!!!!!!) magdala lang po kayo ng unisex gift worth 100 bucks....dun na po tayo magbubunutan..hehe!!!

film showing will begin on nov. 24, followed by nov. 30 (instead of dec.1) and finally dec.7 (instead of dec. 8). polls will be made to be able to decide which animes to air. vote po tayo ha. hehe! venues to be announced later. please invite all your friends, members or non-members, to watch.

that's it for now..that's all folks!!

GA this friday!

konnichi wa!

cmula na po ng second sem....kumusta na ang lahat?

bago po tayo ma-busy with our acads and other commitments, mag-GA po muna tayo lahat this friday...hehe! venue to be announced later pa po, but please do keep posted.

we'll have lots of fun sa GA so please do come!!

ibubunyag (char!!) po namin ang ating mga exciting plans and projects for this sem....kaya punta kayo!!

that's all folks!! hope to see everyone sa GA!!!



The Animé Club envisions itself as a community of animé enthusiasts who hold interest in the Japanese culture and in the visual and literary arts which will eventually uphold the Filipino talent in the field of animation by inculcalting the spirit of Magis.

The Animé Club aims to develop the students' existing skills and talents, to strengthen further the Japanese-Filipino relationship, and to inspire and empower the Filipino youth in their aspirations on the visual and literary arts.

1. To improve skills and talents by conducting workshops, seminars, and art contests for the students of the university.

2. To extend our abilities to children and teenagers by educating them on the basics of visual and literary arts by way of outreach programs.

3. To inform the students of upcoming animé conventions, Japanese culture celebrations, and the like, that are external to the club's organization.

4. To appreciate more animé and Japanese culture by organizing animated film showings and animé marathon sessions.

first post ^_^

just thinking about what to do in the GA nyahaha! uhh...i need to meet you OICs maybe next week hehe ^_^




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